Your privacy is being violated in a way that threatens the physical and financial security of you and your family.

Information brokers have compiled vast amounts of your sensitive personal information and are selling this information on the Internet:

Your Name Your Spouse Your Children Your Relatives Home Addresses Dates of Birth Personal Phone Numbers Personal Email Addresses Political Affiliations Financial History And much more!

IMAGINE! In just a few Clicks a complete stranger can find everything they want to know about you and your family.

Stop the Sale of Your Personal Information With ManageURiDProtect

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We determine how much of your personal information is available and who is selling it.

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Our detection engine will examine four of the more active sites to determine what type and how much of your personal information is available. Based on what we find we will assign you a privacy risk profile, and advise how you can better protect yourself if necessary.

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We manage the removal of your personal information from unauthorized sites.

Personal Information Removal

We will find your personal information wherever it may exist in the information broker world and manage its removal. Our process will remove your personal information from unauthorized sites and those that sell your sensitive personal information on the Internet.


We will, of course, confirm the instructions we have issued to remove your personal information have been complied with. We will post the status of our progress in removing your personal information in your Personal Privacy Dashboard for your review at any time. And, we will send you daily, weekly or monthly status reports.


We continuously monitor and remove your personal information as it inevitably reappears.

Continuous Monitoring

Continued use of the Internet and other "smart" technologies will inevitably result in the repopulation of information broker databases, so we will continuously monitor for the reappearance of your personal information.

Risk Alerts

As a key element of our service, we will immediately alert you as and when we discover the reappearance and re-availability of your personal information on the Internet.

Dynamic Removal

As your personal information reappears, we will dynamically manage its removal once again. And, to protect your personal privacy, we will continue this process on your behalf for the duration of your subscription to our service.

Why Us?

We are your Personal Privacy Protection Company.

We Know You Are At Risk

Every time you engage in any form of on-line activity, one or more entities are tracking your behavior and compiling your personal information: addresses, interests, preferences, relationships, financial history and more – all without your knowledge or consent. These information brokers will then sell you information to anyone willing to pay – invading your privacy and threatening your physical and financial security.

We Mitigate That Risk

At ManageURID, we will empower you to regain control of this process, effectively manage your on-line presence and, most importantly, control the amount and type of your personal information that is being compiled and sold on a routine basis.

We Know What We’re Doing

Our company is driven by seasoned professionals with decades of experience in the advanced analytics and data mining software industry. Our senior team has extensive knowledge in the “sensitive consumer data” space, and a highly successful track record of supporting organizations and major federal agencies with data-intensive mandates in areas such as intelligence, security, law enforcement, finance, healthcare, and homeland security.
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